Deansfield, Ide Hill

Deansfield, Ide Hill

This beautiful property in Ide Hill, Sevenoaks has had a complete renovation.  Extensive internal reconfigurations were made and a single storey side extension created with the lovely addition of a wildflower green roof. New stair access was required by the client and we achieved this by a two storey infill extension.

There has also been extensive landscaping including a new driveway, patio and new swimming pool reconfiguration, with an upgraded pool house. It was important to the client to have sustainable energy sources such as solar panels and air source heat pumps and we worked with them closely to achieve that.

The annexe building on the grounds of the property was also upgraded for family use. There are spectacular views over the fields beyond and the appreciation for this beautiful landscape has been brought back into the design.

A truly stunning project within the Greenbelt.


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