Sevenoaks Triathlon 2014 - OPEN Architecture


Yet again, Ian and Stuart decided to face the annual challenge that is the Sevenoaks Triathlon, and this year Paul joined them in action.

Stuart was able to beat his last timing, and Ian’s bike survived the race, so all in all, this year was extremely successful!

Together, they managed to raise £600 for chYps (Confederation of Heads of Young People’s Services).

 Paul:                                                           Ian:                                                                Stuart:

Swim: 12:30.5                                          Swim: 09:18.6                                             Swim: 06:30.0

T1: 02:27.7                                               T1: 01:41.7                                                   T1: 02:47.4

Cycle: 59:43.5                                          Cycle: 58:40.1                                             Cycle: 53:21.7

T2: 01:01.6                                                T2: 02:14.7                                                   T2: 00:34.6

Run: 44:56.4                                             Run: 46:03.6                                               Run: 41:05.0

02:00:39.9                                                01:59:07.8                                                  01:44:18.9

One triathlon a year just isn’t enough for these boys, and they are entering yet another one on Sunday 4th May 2014.

Good luck to them, and keep an eye out for the next updates on their results!

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