Rewind Cycle Challenge 2015 - OPEN Architecture


Last year, many of Paul’s friends and colleagues were kind enough to support him on his 40tude cycle challenge in Italy, in aid of curing colon cancer. Remarkably, since 40tude started in 2011 they have raised over £600,000 to assist St. Mark’s Hospital Foundation pioneer a new surgical procedure, which could transform the lives and recovery rates of those suffering from bowel cancer.

On 10th September 2015,  Paul completed a cycle ride from Paris to London with 40 others, on this year’s 40tude Challenge. Over 3 days the group covered over 360 miles!

Raising awareness of bowel disease and cancer is what this challenge is all about, so just by you reading this you are already helping us make progress. However, if you also feel like making a donation to a charity that is striving to advance knowledge of diagnosis, treatment and recovery of bowl disease and cancer then that would be a huge bonus too.

Should you like to donate, Paul’s charity giving page is detailed below.

For more information on the charity, please visit their website:

We thank you in advance for your kindness!


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