Hever Evening Series Sprint Triathlon - OPEN Architecture


Paul and Stuart both completed the Hever Evening Series Sprint Triathlon last night in atrocious conditions.

The race consisted of 750m swim / 20km bike / 5km run.  Wet and windy with the swim in a muddy lake, both finished in good time.

Ian was unable to compete due to a nasty cut in his foot from a training session.

The times to beat for the second Hever Evening Series race are as follows:

Paul                                                Stuart
Swim        26:11                            Swim       19:03
T1             01:59                            T1             01:37
Cycle        49:51                            Cycle       45:13
T2             00:58                            T2             00:40
Run          26:18                             Run          21:04

TOT    01:45:19                            TOT    01:27:39


Well done both!

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