Hever Castle Evening Triathlon Results - OPEN Architecture


The three stooges Paul, Ian and Stuart all completed the Hever Castle Evening Triathlon Sprint on July 3rd, and felt the consequences of it the next day.

They all endured a 750m swim, 20km cycle and then proceeded to run 5 km in muddy conditions.

Despite Ian’s foot injury that prevented him from entering the triathlon last time, he was still able to complete the course.

The results from the race were as follows:

Paul:                                                            Ian:                                                               Stuart:

Swim: 26.04                                              Swim: 21.05                                                Swim: 18.02

T1: 01.45                                                    T1: 02.29                                                     T1: 01.26

Cycle: 49.06                                             Cycle: 49.28                                               Cycle: 48.16

T2: 00.51                                                   T2: 01.10                                                     T2: 00.34

Run: 25.22                                                Run: 28.00                                                  Run: 25.43

TOTAL: 01.43.11                                   TOTAL: 01.42.13                                       TOTAL: 01.34.02

Congratulations to all three!

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