Open Architecture


There are some sites which are not your standard building plot. The odds are stacked against them and they are real a challenge. And this site in central Sevenoaks would definitely fall into this category. It is positioned in a conservation area, near a railway line with steeply sloping typography which is overgrown and overlooked by a block of flats.

However, we like a challenge here at OPEN. Our scheme sees the design of a new build house nestle into the main slope of the site with a large overhanging green roof to help ensure it blends into the wild natural landscape and to obscure itself from the flats above. The building whilst modern, uses dark materials to help recess the building further into the landscape. We also worked with a team of arboriculturists and ecologists to ensure we helped to preserve the natural character of the site.

We’ve recently received planning approval from Sevenoaks District Council and looking forward to the next phase!

We are inspired by the people we work with