We’re thrilled that we have just received planning permission for a loft and garage conversion, single storey rear extension as well as internal alterations for this detached property in a conservation area in central Sevenoaks.

This house belongs to a very busy family of eight and they are currently all in need of their own space. Each of the six children not only need their own room but due to the wide spread of ages, the requirement for what each space looks like differs. The loft conversion will see the build of a further two bedrooms with a shared bathroom. There will also be a fully glazed home office away from the busy household!

On the ground floor the garage will be converted, and the rest of the downstairs will be reconfigured to create a series of spaces where the family can come together including a large open plan kitchen with banquette breakfast nook that has direct access to the terrace. The scheme looks at also maintaining some of the private areas such as a snug for the older children, a playroom for the younger children and an adult living room for the parents.

The single storey rear extension will house a swimming pool and spa area - the perfect place for this busy family to come together and relax or at least cool off!

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