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With over 25 years’ experience in architecture planning, our team of RIBA Chartered Tunbridge Wells architects offers services throughout Royal Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. Our aim is to create both beautiful and functional spaces with innovative design, produced to the highest technical standard, starting with our design team who will fulfill your vision in their meticulous design plans. We make sure to get every detail about your requirements to produce a design that is right for you.

With a wealth of experience, having worked on many varied and challenging architecture projects, we cover a number of different building types including properties for residential and commercial purposes.


From our head office in Kent, we have undertaken various developments in Tunbridge Wells that cover a diverse portfolio of projects. Our reputation has been built on recommendations from previous clients and our service is based on making sure that each client experiences a smooth journey throughout the entire process.

We make sure that we are fully aware of the individual requirements of local authorities and keep up to date with their planning regulations. We pride ourselves on being able to produce designs that almost always result in planning approval. Our experience in the area means that you can rely on a design team that is already very successful.

A large amount of our work in the local area has been on residential domestic buildings. Recently undertaken projects in the Tunbridge Wells area include houses on Claremont Road, Royal Chase and Oak Tree Close. One of our most ambitious projects to date is on Oak Tree Close which requires replacement of the existing bungalow with a crisp, modern two-storey family home.

We have also managed a number of residential commercial builds in Tunbridge Wells architecture and the surrounding area. One of the most recent was in Goods Station Road, where the aim was to deliver good family housing. The scheme has been designed to pick up on the historic nature of the area utilising traditional materials and a historic industrial aesthetic to sit comfortably into its surroundings.


Our many years of providing architectural services to Tunbridge Wells means that we have come to know the area very well. If you are planning a project in the Tunbridge Wells area, we’re always happy to offer advice on its requirements and great local facilities.

There are some major transport links in the area and Tunbridge Wells is a hub for a series of roads. The primary ones being the A26, which runs from Maidstone to Newhaven, the A264 from Five Oaks to Pembury and the A267 from Tunbridge Wells to Hailsham. The A21 also passes to the east of the town and runs from London to Hastings. Tunbridge Wells Railway Station is located at the end of the High Street in the town centre, while there is also a rail station in nearby High Brooms.

The town benefits from some of Kent’s more beautiful recreational areas including parks and landmarks. The Tunbridge Wells and Rusthall Commons comprise of 250 acres of wood and heathland close to the centre of the town. It is the largest green space in the region and open areas of the common are popular for picnic spots. The Royal Victoria Place shopping centre is known as one of the most important retail spaces between London and Hastings and accounts for around 30% of the town’s job economy.


With a wide array of experience in the local area we aim to offer the best possible service to our clients. Our experienced team will make sure they meet your needs in creating the perfect design. If you are planning an architecture project in the Tunbridge Wells area, get in touch with the OPEN architecture team and find out how we can make your project a success.

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